5 Modules 45 Lessons

About this course

10-week Bootcamp for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs that are ready to take audacious and imperfect action to grow their movement, generate revenue and reach more people in alignment with their core values.

Course Structure

7 Lessons

Module 2: Create Content in Flow

Module 2 should ideally be complete by Week 3 of the program. You can continue to work on Module 3 into Week 4 as we will be 

That being said, we will never be "done" with Module 2 as honing and crystallizing our offers in response to our ideal clients' needs is an ongoing part of an exceptional service business. 

Module 2 is about creating our content and our offers, in flow, as we develop a relationship with our ideal clients. The goal is to continually deepen our understanding of their pain points, motivations, and needs.

Customer discovery, business development, making offers and closing sales is a continuum. And its never a linear process. In module 2 we will begin to hone our offers and ensure that we emphasize the impact and outcomes of our service or program.


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