Brigette Iarrusso

Latin American Work (Peru, Guatemala, Brazil)

  • Chicas Poderosas: Media Accelerator 
  • Indigenous Mapuche Leaders from Chile
  • Immigrant Entrepreneurship
  • Working Solutions (POC Small Business Enterprise)

Build a Local Community to Make a Global Impact

If you have a big mission, you need a powerful tribe to accelerate and support you!

  • Decolonize mindsets and leadership models
  • A return to more indigenous wisdom & balance of community 
  •  Playful & curious (continuous learning)
  • Loving and fiercely loyal
  • Passionately committed to service
  • Returning to my roots (Abuela was Taino Indian)

Core Values 

Community Connection Equity Diversity Sustainability Embrace Change

How I Work with Clients

Infographic here (head, heart, hands....)


  1. Stop trying to “figure out” ideal client and problem. GO ASK SOMEBODY!

  2. Doing things that don’t drive business or get you where you want

Draw a Circle (Entrepreneurial Trap)

  • What you “have to do”

  • Bullshit?

  • Website, social media? If you don’t know your audience

  • Make $$ “figuring” it out