Grow an Online Business In Integrity

4 Modules of no BS real business training

I cover mindset, how to attract more ideal clients, how to close

sales with confidence and consent, and

how to build an inclusive social impact business model

You are NOT waiting on anyone 

You KNOW your people need YOU

And YOU are ready to SERVE

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Hi, I'm Brigette

I am a no BS Business Coach for leaders who want to earn more and serve more clients without compromising quality or their commitment to equity and inclusion. 

I help coaches, consultants and healers disrupt toxic capitalist models and build a business model that is sustainable and scale-able. 

Learn more about the history behind the disruption here.

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I will help evaluate
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pricing and sales system! 

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Brigette is a powerful, intuitive, no-nonsense coach who just gets it. Her ability to coach people through their mindset issues is unparalleled. She's able to name *exactly* what's holding each person back from succeeding, and then she provides personalized-to-client techniques to level up. If it weren't for Brigette, I would still be undervaluing my work. I would still be coming up with excuses as to why "I can't ..." I would still be dreaming of getting paid for doing work that I once did for free. This woman is the real deal, and if you are ready to take it to the next level -- you need to give her a call. The way you go coach each person is unique and you are masterful at adjusting your coach for each person.

Intuitive AF and powerful AF

Stephanie Wharton

Brigette helped me get results. One mindset shift is knowing that I can give away strategic content to help to my clients & potential clients, and that is going to build the relationships that I need to get even more clients in integrity.

She has helped me increase the number of clients that I've gotten since I've been in the program. Brigette has the same worldview as I do and takes a stand for change, and the need for more equity in our business and our workplaces.

I've been part of programs that don't acknowledge systemic oppression, and that is out of integrity with me.

Sarah Lightfoot - Facilitator and Consultant

Brigette always provides a safe place to be. Even if I just listened, I always gained something from her or someone else in the group. She helped me build the clarity and confidence to work on a huge deal with a developer that has the potential to make a lot of money. Hands down Brigette is no bullshit. She’s very supportive and loving

Chenelle Chapman - Realtor

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