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Value Driven Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders:

You started your business or movement because you have a serious purpose and you are here to make the world better through your work. You know that what you have to offer this world is of incredible valuable and it's time to take your vision to the next level.

As a value-driven entrepreneur, business leader or thought leader, you know that having a revenue sustainable brand is the best way to ensure that you can reach more people.

You care deeply about impact and you want to continue to grow your brand in integrity.

Whether you are in the early stages of launching and accelerating your service business or you lead a company that has scaled, I will help you hone in on what matters most.

Solo Entrepreneurs and Early Stage Founders

You are ready to be seen and to generate more revenue. You know it's time to declare your full value and take bold, imperfect action to impact more people from a place of financial and personal sustainability.  

Let’s hone a business strategy grounded in service so that your efforts yield consistent growth. 

I will support you in a clear framework to attract ideal clients and enroll people in your services without ever being “salesy.”

Leaders in Businesses that Are Scaling Fast

You had to hustle and grind to get where you are, and now you are seeing the fruits of your labor.

Your business is generating revenue and you are hiring people from widely diverse backgrounds.

You are impacting more people and you want to ensure that your internal culture reflects your deeply held core values.

It's time to internalize a leadership framework that will ensure that you have an organizational culture where all kinds of people can contribute their full value and thrive.

Time To Take Action

Let's cut through the overwhelm, stop doing a million things and get your business or career where it should be! 

I want to help you hone in on what you and your people need to get in creative flow, embrace the perpetual pivot and make steady progress toward your vision of success.

Let's get laser focused and do what really matters to accelerate you on your path as an entrepreneur or business leader. 

Are you ready to get there faster? ... While having more fun? ... And with integrity?

Your Success is my PURPOSE.

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Brigette helped me to embrace the pivot and enjoy the journey

Brigette definitely helped me learn to embrace change. When I first began working with Brigette I was focused on building an app and wanted to get in front of investors ASAP. By the 2nd month of working with Brigette I had shifted my focus with the help of her explorative exercises to a new goal of learning to become a coach that resonated with me on a much deeper level than my previous ambition. At first I felt like I was starting all over again, but Brigette helped me to embrace the pivot and enjoy the journey. the greatest change I experienced working with Brigette was learning to embrace and recognize my own value.

DonCarlos Gainey Vejar​​ Manifestation Coach for High Impact Leaders

Brigette helped me understand my core values

Brigette helped me understand my core values so I could act from the power within driven with clarity, confidence, and purpose. I went to Brigette with an project/idea for a mobile app that didn’t align with my bigger purpose. Brigette was so in-tune and empowering she helped me release the fear of money and recognize my ability to be successful while doing something that didn't’ feel like “work”. I let go of the mobile application idea in pursuit of happiness, which I will be forever grateful to Brigette for! Thanks to Brigette I have the roots to feel ground and the strength to remember through the challenges that I AM a creator, I AM capable of making a change in this world by creating and leading a business that comes from my heart.

Erika Prado Esposto Founder of Mana Kids Outdoor Program

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