10-Week Live Group Program 

Starts Officially in February 2022

Early Bird Special December 16-25!

Enroll and save $500

+ get two VIP Individual Coaching Sessions!



Speak to $cale is not just a method

It is a Spiritually Aligned Movement and a Mindset

to attract ideal clients and make more $ales 

with ease, confidence and consent

Together we can disrupt the BS in coaching, healing and mentorship.

And, build wildly profitable, pleasurable businesses that align

with our commitment to justice. So we can be wealthy, healed

and generous with people and planet.

This program is for you if ...

You are ready to:

  • Disrupt the hustle and ditch overwhelm
  • Create more impact and income with ease
  • Attract aligned clients who are ready to invest 
  • Close sales confidently and with consent
  • Embody the fullest expression of your authenticity 

You are committed  to:

  • Boldly sharing your story and solution
  • Truth in marketing
  • Scaling without oppressive systems
  • Representation, access, and equity
  • Disrupting broken business formulas 
  • Doing things on your terms

Authenticity & No BS 

This program is going to be your jam if you are ready to have fun growing your income and scaling your impact, on your terms, with no BS.

Speak to $cale is a mindset, a method and a movement to create more income in integrity in an industry rife with f*ckery and fakery.

The Speak to $cale Method is for any stage of business and will help you enjoy your life while you grow your business in a sustainable way.

The idea that scale is only available when you are making multiple 6 figures is more patriarchal crap. I call BS. 

You can serve more people, earn more money and create more access NOW. Exactly as you are and where you are. 

Elevate your money stories, your offer and your message. Make it easy AF for people to find you, see how you can help and say HELL YES to your offer. 

This program will help you attract more ideal clients and make more sales. You'll avoid burnout or bro methods that make you want to gag. 

Speak to $cale is going to light you on fire if you are ready to disrupt toxic capitalism and you are committed to being ethical and aligned with our values. If you are ready to give the finger to the fake scarcity and superficial lifestyle marketing manipulation... keep reading.

WARNING: This program may cause the garden of f*cks you used to have for what other people think to dry up. You may have zero f*cks left to give after this program.

Truth in marketing and integrity is not a trend. Everyone is over hyper-inflated results and half-truths that only present the perfectly polished backstory.

Your ideal clients are sovereign, smart AF and demand authenticity, honesty and substance. 

You can  scale your sales, and bring more flow and play to your business now by implementing the Speak to $cale method.

It starts with owning your perfectly imperfect whole a$$ human self.

And, creating a deep inner soul system to scale as well as the business and sales systems to support scale!  

Most of what we see online about scale is toxic capitalism at its worst. 

The Bro Marketing Squad called and they want their eBook back. 

Let's throw it at them! So how do you build something profitable, scale-able and authentic in an industry that is rife with BS?

You embrace your authentic leadership and show up in a way that is aligned with your core values and your unique lived experience.

You build your business in a way that allows you to play, experience joy and grow your income!

It starts with True Abundance and a deep commitment to Impact before Income.

Humans value connection, community and honesty. Especially when it comes to marketing and sales. Thankfully, the old way of lying to your audience is quickly dying out But it does still exist.

I’ll support you in using your unique voice  - whether through speaking, writing, podcasting, or showing up boldly online- to scale your business.

And, make it easy AF for people to say yes to working with you and investing in your offers. 

If you are launching, sending emails, or posting constantly and not seeing sales, I have got you covered!

The Solution is going to light a fire inside of you...because it is actually easier than you think.

I want to help you reach more people and of course, make more sales with less hustle.

The more you amplify your voice and show up boldly, the easier it becomes for people to find and hire you.

Speak to $cale is about changing lives and creating real impact BEFORE you sell or offer anything.

It creates a safe, intimate, and consent-based environment where you can embrace sales and feel 100% aligned inviting people to invest. 

Earning more for your incredible work can be easier. 

And we do not ever need to resort to the BS and f*ckery in the online marketing world. You know that’s NOT how I roll.

If you are:

Tired of fake scarcity tactics

Not interested in yet ANOTHER FORMULAIC COURSE

Done with pretending to be a watered-down version of yourself.

Ready to be your 100% Authentic & Truly Awesome self with your marketing messaging… without toning down or “behaving”

Over the f*cks you used to have for what other people think  

Ready to attract your dream clients

Resistant to doing the things the same way as everyone else. 


There is NO FORMULA. 

Your unique life experience, values around racial and social justice are some of the reasons why your clients and people are attracted to you.

I know, you’re a deeply compassionate, spiritual, loving human, AND you are not here for the bypass or love and light only.

Your gifts are here to help you attract and work with the people who are aligned to you. And, you are ready to make more money with ease.

Your people are ready to step up and work with BECAUSE of your authenticity and integrity. Make it easy for them! 

The big part of the puzzle that is missing is helping people get to yes through your content, free events and your clear compelling solution

Speak to $cale is designed to take all the mystery out of making sales FLOW

Program Details

  • This 10-week journey is a BS-free, fiercely loving support zone to attract clients and sell more using my Speak to $cale method. 
  • This is a program designed to take immediate action and to start seeing results during the 10 weeks!
  • There will be a 2-hour training, Q&A, and coaching call each week.  During loveseat coaching you will receive feedback and advice to boost your visibility, improve your launches (or eliminate them) and fill your offers using the Speak to $cale proven methods.
  • For 5 weeks we will cover one of the Speak to $cale methods. The other 5 weeks are all about taking BOLD ACTION!
  • You will receive a ton of individualized support and coaching from Brigette and the community coaching pod you are in. 
  • You will walk away with the mindset, the strategy, and the embodied practices to IMPLEMENT and INTEGRATE what you learned every single week.
  • You will create compelling, unique, and truly impactful content, life-changing events and challenges.
  • You will build collaborations, among a community of supportive leaders who are on a mission to change our industry.
  •  You will get your strategy to attract clients and close more sales locked in.
  • You will work through mindset or inner kinks that keep you from taking consistent action.
  • You will nurture your expansion to grow your business sustainably with my Self-Care Tapas menu.
  • You will savor your life, your family, and your self-expression as you increase your income with less burnout.


    You do not want to miss this early bird opportunity to receive two VIP Individual Coaching Sessions where I will support you to design your vision and goals for the Speak to $cale program!

    This is the Program for you if you want to build your business around your life and what brings you joy.

    NOT the other way around. 

    You can trust that I built my business to make space for my favorite witch, my incredible daughter Talula. She gets plenty of undivided time with mamma, and I still have a steady and financially sustainable business with recurring months of revenue without burning out!


    Working with Brigette helped me fill my programs. I now have a much bigger pool of folx to enroll in my courses. I designed a VIP one-to-one coaching offer and enrolled 4 VIP clients which was 20K in revenue. I am now in conversations with larger corporations to offer my program. As a graduate of her program, I continue to see the impact in how confidently I am growing my business.

    Chelsey Hauge Zavaleta - Positive Parenting Coach

    I had an immediate shift in mindset about my business and my role as CEO. After completing the program, I was able to scale my business and grow my team. I went from earning $2-4K per month as a solopreneur to having a team of 6 and bringing in $9-10K per month. We shifted from doing random projects to 4 steady monthly clients and a group program for entrepreneurs. Brigette saw something bigger and opened my eyes to a greater vision plus a plan to put it in place and reach the goal!

    Melanie Albright - CEO of Bright Moments

    Brigette brings a breadth of knowledge combined with passion, drive, and commitment.

    Her program made all the difference in growing my income and my impact.

    I felt really seen and heard in the love seat. I made bigger moves. I secured new clients and speaking engagements. I launched my online workshops and a BIPOC mental health and trauma healing group! I highly recommend Brigette’s program. You are not just part of the profit margin. I was truly seen as an individual

    Amabel Narvaez - Founder of Homecoming

    I have clarity about my social impact business model. My business is more aligned as a true expression of my values. I created and launched my masterclass series.

    I’ve made great connections and found my people in this community. A few have even become clients! Brigette’s clarity, guidance, and how she shows up as a coach is a model for how I want to show up in my groups. I made back more than my investment with 5.5K of revenue!

    Donnie Hill - Founder of Life Maximizer Academy

    Her program helped my confidence explode and I really embraced putting myself out there imperfectly. I overcame the anxiety of not getting it right and fear of rejection. I stopped getting stuck in my head. I am no longer in freeze or overwhelm

    The strategies she teaches are brilliant and simple.

    It was a nervous system game changer. I have done a lot of mindset work but it was not until Brigette’s program that it all clicked. Her coaching balances super straightforward, no bullshit to get you moving forward with such a deeply loving safety and allowance.

    She really meets you where you are. She is fiery and she is clear. She ignites you to become your best self and take bold action. I LOVE the community she has built. It gives me hope for the world.

    Elizabeth Martin

    I now know exactly the type of CEO I want to be for my law firm. My deep underlying values are reflected in every aspect of how to show up for my ideal clients. I embraced Brigette’s Do.Ditch.Delegate framework and shifted from being a micromanager to a great delegator! Now, I use my time to make money rather than figuring out how to do all the tech crap.

    During the pandemic, I missed having friends and the group dynamic was to my success. When I started the program I had only made 21K in my business, and by October I had reached 120K! My firm has more than doubled its revenue since I graduated. I continue to work with Brigette as my strategic advisor and coach. I highly recommend her program if you are ready to create more impact and grow your business bottom line in a totally ethical and aligned way.”

    Heather Hoekstra - Law Firm Founder and Attorney

    Brigette has built an incredible community of people who are working to make a real difference in the world and care about equitable social impact. I raised my rates and signed 3 new clients. I also finally launched a scalable group program. Brigette really models how to do sales with integrity. I practiced and internalized her framework and it really works! The program is a no-brainer. You get all the pieces you need to take your business to the next level. She truly is a loving warrior coach and brings compassion and no BS coaching to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and take action to build a profitable and sane business model that matches your core values and vision.

    Nadia de Ala - Leadership Coach for WOC in Tech

    I learned to successfully run my company. I had taken a lot of cookie-cutter business programs. She cares about your results and tailors her approach to meet you where you are. Her program is so diverse, it was exactly what I needed. I learned to embrace my vision for social impact and integrate it into my business model immediately.

    I designed my framework, got in flow, and learned to explain how I help people much more easily. It became seamless. I even brought in 8K in revenue during the program!

    If you are unsure, join this program, without a doubt.

    Connie Cruz - Relationship Coach

    We needed someone who really cared to help guide us. I truly came to understand that living in a scarcity mindset doesn’t serve me or the people we want to serve. I shifted how I show up learned that I don’t need to hustle 24/7. We learned to shift out of intense launch energy into a sustainable way to uplevel. I learned to invest in myself more and we raised our prices. We also create more offers that people love. We nailed our messaging and are attracting the exact kinds of clients we want to serve. Brigette’s launch strategy and event framework coaching are killer, and we use them regularly. In just one month, we quadrupled our revenue from $11K to $40K! Brigette cares a lot about her clients and is very good at what she teaches.

    Lucy and Whitney - CEO’s and Co-Founder’s of Workwell

    5 PILLARS of Speak to $cale

    1. The Inner Shift for Outward Impact

    Embrace your non-linear journey and own your unique expertise 

    Stop undercharging and over-giving to bring energy and income into alignment 

    Call in and embrace support, spiritual care, and self-love to thrive 

    Unlearn family or ancestral money stories that don’t serve abundance 

    Write a new story of impact and legacy that goes beyond your own wealth  

    Embrace having more money to do more good $tuff for the world and others

    2. A Signature Solution and Compelling Offer 

    Elevate your offer so that it is unique, juicy, and results-driven

    Build a signature framework that stands out 

    Create a map of your client’s journey to a clear outcome 

    Make bold and compelling invitations for people to work with you

    Ensure it’s easy AF for people to find you and start getting help

    3. Content and Stories that Sell

    Share stories that inspire and $ell a real solution

    Develop content that creates impact and results in sales  

    Create a sales flow system that leaves space for pleasure

    Make sure people know EXACTLY how you can help them

    Attract clients who are ready to take the next step

    4. Signature Events that Change Lives 

    Build powerful community learning experiences

    Create events that lead to sells with zero coercion

    Avoid the most common mistakes in free events

    Build client discovery into your event flow

    Make confident and consensual offers

    Enroll clients in your offer during your sessions

    5. Sensual Sales That Flow

    Embrace sales as an act of love and service

    Enjoy easy, relaxed sales conversations

    Confidently and consensually make offers

    Spend less time on calls and more time serving

    Help people come to a sales call very close to YES!

    Create a pre-sales call process that eliminates confusion

    BONUS: Do.Ditch.Delegate

    Embrace a CEO mindset to create sustainability 

    Stop struggling to do all the things

    Reduce hustle and burnout and get efficient

    Create space for High Impact Activities

    Spend more time with family and yourself

    Let go of the “I am not ready to scale” story

    *The symbol is an owl and comes from my ancestor’s Taino heritage.
    They were the Arawak on the Island of Borinquen (Puerto Rico). 


    • A BIPOC or white healer, coach, consultant or expert ready to earn more without BS or oppression.
    • Ready to break generational patterns of lack and call in wealth and abundance.
    • On fire to impact more people and earn more money for the work you do.
    • Confident that you will show up and do the work and move through the discomfort of what is keeping you stuck.
    • Done pleasing everyone and not afraid to show up boldly and unapologetically with your gifts.
    • Sick of tired A$$ business formulas that replicate toxic capitalism and are ready to build a profitable business on your terms.
    • Ready to unf*ck your sales and make things easier and simpler in your business.
    • Want a diverse community of folx that are not exactly like you and can help you see new perspectives and access their networks.
    • Know that learning and personal growth is 10X’d in spaces that are intersectional.
    • Believe it is time for us to collectively disrupt BS in online business and know there is space for all of us to succeed.
    • Committed to service before sales and are ready to embrace consent-based sensual sales.
    • Want to scale your impact and scale yourself as a business leader.
    • Ready to elevate your prices to reflect how valuable and nuanced your work is.
    • Determined to become wildly profitable so you can take care of yourself and your community and invite others to the table.
    • Know that if you are wealthier you will redistribute wealth and opportunity and fund the F*CK out of justice initiatives.