Legacy Membership

You are on fire with purpose to create inclusive social impact

You are ready to elevate your strategy, mindset, and leadership to scale a business that serves and benefits ALL

It is time to generate more income with a model that is sustainable and aligned

You get to to earn an abundant living, serve more people and GIVE BACK without burning out.  

The Legacy Membership gives you access to world-class coaching, business advice, peer coaching, and networking within a diverse and aligned community of social impact entrepreneurs at a very accessible price point. 
This Embrace Change mission is to create a win-win ecosystem for diverse leaders that are creating inclusive and equitable social change in the world through their business model. 

My Mother

The inspiration for this work


My daughter

Here are some common outcomes among Speak . Serve . Sell graduates:

* An inclusive Social Impact business model that creates access and opportunity

* Compelling service and product offerings that clearly community their value and impact 

* A signature solution event and powerful content that converts leads to sales with no BS or manipulation

* A High Impact plan to scale your time with lead generation and business development in integrity

* A personal brand and message that positions you as an expert

* A path to increase your rates or scale your income in a way that honors your expertise and pays it forward

* An empowered CEO mindset that shifts you out of hustle mode and into a sustainable business culture built on collaboration

* A sustainable Launch Calendar to help you reach sales goals without burnout

* Coaching and content to support the ongoing development of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion informed leadership

As a Legacy Member, you become a sponsor for future clients and program participants.
20% of Embrace Change program revenue and human capital is paid forward into sponsorship and impact initiatives that center and benefit BIPOC

Membership Benefits:

* A powerful group training and Q & A session every fourth Tuesday of the month 10 am - 12 pm PST)
* We will cover topics of importance for entrepreneurs who care about impact. Examples of past guest experts:

  • Eva Cruz Pena: Founder of the Sacred Inclusion framework to create inclusive & safer spaces for people of color in your work/business.
  • Other topics include DEI informed copywriting, using live video effectively, and how to navigate crisis and collective trauma as a leader.

* One Thursday Office Hour Q&A call per month

* One guest expert training event per month

* Opportunities to pitch and present your own workshops and events to the community

* Opportunities to be a guest coach and/or a featured speaker at Embrace Change events

* Participation in High Impact Challenges where we set a goal for income and impact and engage in healthy competition and accountability

* Peer coaching and accountability 

* A percentage of your membership will sponsor individuals from historically marginalized groups who apply for the Impact Acceleration Mastermind program.

* Part of your investment is in Impact Institute which is working on decolonizing capitalism and business opportunities for BIPOC in the US and abroad.

* Exclusive offers and discounts on Embrace Change events and programs


For those who’re on the fence about joining this program with Brigette, this new year will be an EPIC one for you. Brigette has given me the validation I needed to hear for my expertise and solutions I offer. On top of that, the support that the cohort is giving you, it’s the best & as honest as it could be. Jump on the call to see how she would give all she has for your business!

Loh Ami

Through working with Brigette, the results I got were almost immediate. People started to contact me and I was invited to bring my work to groups, I even booked a workshop at Google! I also signed 5 one-on-one coaching clients as a result of the program and generated a revenue of 7.5K. It was well worth the investment, 100% Brigette will help you grow your business.

Claire Fry

I chose to work with Brigette because of her equity, diversity and inclusion lens. I needed help with developing a mentorship program for my company, RepresentEd, and the African American Alumni Association. We came up with the goals and outputs, and Brigette helped me clearly define the purpose of the program, pull together a methodology, and helped me break it down to pitch it to my team and other stakeholders.

Rashida Hanif

Through working with Brigette I now know how to fill my workshops effectively and I have a bigger pool of folx to enroll in my course. I also created a VIP one-to-one coaching offer and have Enrolled 4 VIP clients bringing in a revenue of 20K! Before working with Brigette, I would plan a course and then cancel it, now I can fill my programs and I’m even having conversations with larger corporations for offering my program. Overall, I like Brigette’s no fluff style - she gets straight to the point. I also like that there is an equity and justice lens at the center.

Chelsey Hague

Pricing: $249/month or $2400 for the year 

(savings of $50/month with year-long membership option)