Impact Acceleration


You are a disruptor on fire to scale your business in alignment with your core values around equity, inclusive social impact, and anti-racism

You are ready to elevate your strategy, mindset and leadership to 

scale a business that serves and benefits ALL

It is time to generate more income with a model that is sustainable and aligned

You get to to earn an abundant living, serve more people and

GIVE BACK without burning out.  

The work that you do in the world heals, transforms, and creates real impact. 

You are successful and your program or service gets people results.

You are fully ready to scale and NEVER compromise integrity 

or quality as you take your business to the next level.

You want to design a vision and a plan scale that INCLUDES and does exclude folx historically less represented.

You want to leverage your platform to give back and pay it forward in a way that helps grow the business. 

Consumer's are voting for their beliefs with their dollars. They will choose your brand for it's impact and commitment to quality. Not just because of glossy advertising.

You are not willing to compromise. Your business model must reflect your worldview and commitment to equity, inclusive social impact, anti-racism, sustainability, spiritual healing that does not harm, etc. 

You do not let scarcity and fear run your business or your life. You know who you want to serve. 

You know that by building a truly inclusive and abundant business that benefits all, you will grow sustainably and be able to create more impact over time.

My Mother

The inspiration for this work

Aimee Montoya

My local impact partner in Puerto Rico

Embrace Change is a social impact business model with three main initiatives:

1. Center, promote and support Black and Brown coaches, consultants and healers so that they can earn more and be seen as the experts they are.

2. Support white allies in building a business model that is inclusive and benefits Black and Brown people while also doing the work to reduce harm through active anti-racism and anti-bias work.

3. Leverage capital and resources from people of privilege to make it available to those with less access.

The Embrace Change social business framework also benefits decolonized business initiatives in Puerto Rico led by local impact leaders such as Aimee Montoya of Vive Boriken.  

How to launch an impact initiative in partnership with the community it serves:

  • Evaluate your readiness to honor, center and collaborate with BIPOC or other marginalized groups 
  • Determine the viability of your business to implement a social impact business model
  • Learn from diverse leaders who have programs that offer sponsorship opportunities
  • Understand how to implement your own social impact model and how to leverage your platform to sponsor other businesses that have a social impact model
  • Build community and meaningful partnerships with other coaches, healers and conscious business leaders that are committed to inclusive social impact