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I help coaches, consultants, healers and social innovators earn more and impact more people with a sustainable business model.

If you care about equity, impact, and restorative justice  and want to scale your time so you can generate more revenue, pay your team well and build a truly inclusive culture:  BOOK A NO BS BUSINESS DIAGNOSTIC CALL

Jaya Rose is a Speaking Coach who's deeply committed to equity, inclusion and racial justice. In 6 months she was able to secure 14K a month in steady recurring revenue and is now fully focused on her sponsorship and social impact model!

The Disruptive CEO Circle

Don’t wait to design strategy to scale your time and your impact. I want to help you spend less time on marketing, nurturing leads and running your business operations so you can spend more time serving and doing what lights you up.

Let’s architect a powerful signature offer and a framework that pre-qualifies and ensures that people are motivated and inspired to take the next step in hiring you or your agency.

I'll help you implement my powerful Do.Ditch.Delegate. framework to elevate your time from Hustle to CEO.

I want to help you create a truly sustainable and scale-able system to generate more sales and grow your business in total alignment with your values around protecting and serving the planet and our commitment to business as a force for restorative justice and real social change. And, who are ready to invest in your solution because they know EXACTLY how you can help them.

Custom Corporate Programs

I am on a mission to help you disrupt your industry, serve more people and generate more revenue in a way that produces great results for clients without compromising quality for numbers!

Book a No BS Business Diagnostic Call

We will evaluate your business model and leadership to ensure that you have a clear plan to sustain a culture where diverse folx can contribute their full value and thrive in your organization as you grow and serve more people!

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Through working with Brigette I elevated my money mindset and expectations. I earned around 10K since working with Brigette and now have enough revenue to give back to my social impact initiatives. I really enjoy the safety of the Speak.Serve.Sell. community to show up as my authentic self. I know that I don’t have to be perfect and still have people respect my talent.

Alexis Douglas

Be ready. This was so worth it. You invest and it comes back in ways that you cannot even imagine. Brigette’s no B.S. rings true and I LOVE it. She advocates for your value. I feel so reconnected with Me - I was there but I was buried and now I am BACK.

Maggie Nazario

After meeting Brigette I had an immediate shift in mindset about what I wanted to do with my business and what my role would look like. Then after completing the program, I was able to scale my business and grow my team. I went from being a solopreneur earning $2-4K in revenue per month to a team of 6 bringing in $6-9K per month. We now have shifted from doing random 3-5 projects and 2 ongoing clients to 4 ongoing clients and launching a group program for entrepreneurs.

Melanie Albright