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If you know it's time to take bold aligned action to serve more people at scale without compromising your values or the quality of your service. 

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Executive VIP Coaching

You are ready to get laser focused on what needs to shift for your business revenue goals to be on target. While also building an equitable, sustainable and socially impactful system where everyone can thrive and feel aligned with their values.  

Together, we will elevate your strategy, mindset and leadership to align with your vision of success and create a clear roadmap to get you there.

I will hold you fiercely and lovingly accountable to your vision and the actions that will move you steadily toward success! 

Custom Corporate Programs

For over 2o years I have been delivering workshops and group programs that inspire action, accountability and success.

Together we can co-design a program that will empower your people to embrace the perpetual pivot and build capacity to engage, innovate and create real impact! 

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We will evaluate your business model, culture and leadership to ensure that you have a clear plan to sustain a culture where all people can contribute their full value and thrive in your organization!

Speak. Serve. Sell

Do you have a service or program that makes the world a better place?

Are you ready to take big, bold and aligned action to grow your revenue and increase your impact?

This 10-week bootcamp is for impact-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to take audacious and imperfect action to grow their movement, generate revenue and reach more people in alignment with their core values.

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Tony Thayer

Brigette is a powerhouse with an ability to bring out the best in people.  I’ve upped my game several levels. I’ve learned the value of establishing a distinctive personal brand and telling my hero’s journey.  I’ve developed a tighter niche and I’m more clear about my value to others. I now charge clients more than two times more than I did before I worked with her.

I can’t think of a higher compliment to give a coach.

Thais Aquinos

I had the pleasure of hosting Brigette in a leadership workshop for Brazilian "C Level" executives. She is an incredible professional, full of energy and empathy. She drives the conversation between the participants and highlights people skills in a very interesting way. I would definitely recommend Brigette’s program and coaching to develop interpersonal awareness and people development skills.

One of her most remarkable features is that she works with heart and soul. 

Pedro Ordóñez Islas

Brigette has been an inspiration and mindset breaker since I met her. She's been a key element in my growth as an international entrepreneur and agent of change. We share common values and vision around servant leadership, social innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and growth mindset.

Her energy, knowledge, and real connection with people, makes her different and very impactful. Don't hesitate to collaborate with her!