Impact Acceleration Mastermind

+ Speak. Serve. Sell. Program

Join my community of diverse, disruptive coaches,

consultants, and healers who are on fire with

purpose and ready to take BOLD action to

elevate their income and their impact!

You are not waiting on anyone 

You know your people need you

And you are ready to serve

This program is for coaches, consultants, healers, and service entrepreneurs that care just as much about impact as they do about income.

The 6-month Impact Acceleration Mastermind is a fiercely living and supportive group container for you to:

  • Own your bold, badass personal narrative and your values as your biggest assets 
  • Earn more, attract more ideal clients and be seen as a visionary in your industry
  • Design a polished Signature Solution that positions you as the expert you are
  • Develop a Free to VIP lead framework that creates real value and attracts the right clients
  • Lead confidently through sales and embrace sales as an act of love and service


Maggie Nazario

When you are ready, you build a community of support and that you can support. 

I created a really strong integral Reiki and Coaching program. I was charging $1275. I have now confidently sold two packages for $3.5K each! I reached my half-way goal in just one month!  

Be ready. This was so worth it. You invest and it comes back in ways that you cannot even imagine. Brigette’s no B.S. rings true and I LOVE it.  She advocates for your value. I feel so reconnected with Me - I was there but I was buried and now I am BACK.

Jen Harrison

Speak.Serve.Sell helped me move quickly to launch something I have wanted to launch for a year!  Now when I sell, I'm 1000% behind what I'm doing.
The difference is really clear in my marketing and my sales conversations. During this program, I had a $3,800 day which was my biggest to date.  
One of Brigette’s strengths is really asking for a commitment to yourself and the program. If you want to commit to success and embody a practical-meets-heart centered way of doing business, then this is absolutely the program that you should be joining.

The Speak.Serve.Sell. Program has helped my clients:

  • Double their rates in integrity and alignment with their value around service
  • Disrupt BS narratives that keep them from going all-in and letting people see all of them
  • Elevate their money stories and create a sales strategy to bring in more revenue with ease
  • Package a premium service offer and embrace selling it in flow without push or coercion
  • Pitch and position their speaking, seminars and events to high visibility and high impact partners
  • Develop joint venture and affiliate partnerships that create win-win successes
  • Build a sustainable social impact model that creates access for under-resourced clients

Speak. Serve. Sell. Modules

The Vision and Impact

  • Design your vision for success
  • Establish bold goals and accountability
  • Set a clear intention for the program
  • Commit to going all in for at least 12 weeks
  • Diagnose areas of your business to elevate

  • Mindset and Inner Work

  • Embrace Sales flow as a mindset & strategy
  • Elevate your authority & authentic brand
  • Get boldly visible & create more impact
  • Own your full value & raise your rates
  • Narrate your story for success
  • Brigette Iarrusso Leading a Group

    The Sweet Spot Niche

  • Align your offer with your ideal client 
  • Hone your niche and content in flow
  • Elevate your messaging and pitch
  • Identify your signature story
  • Create training content that converts 

  • Free to VIP Lead Framework

  • A signature event that enrolls ideal clients
  • Create valuable content in flow
  • Make it easy for clients to work with you 
  • Solve the lead generation "problem" 

  • The Launch Calendar


  • Spend your time on High Impact activities
  • Take time management to a new level
  • Design a sustainable & scale-able business
  • Launch events that fill your programs 
  • Relax as you roll out a successful launch

  • The Sales Flow Framework


  • Embrace sales as an act of love and service
  • Learn a structured Sales Flow framework
  • Overcome objections with integrity 
  • Close sales in a way that feels fluid
  • Allow people to pay full price 
  • More Speak. Serve. Sell graduates

    Nadia de Ala

    Brigette encouraged me to raise my rates, and I did. I signed 3 new clients at this new rate and decided to finally launch a scale-able group program. Brigette really models how to do sales with integrity. I internalized her framework and it really works! The program is a no-brainer. You get all the pieces you need to take your business to the next level.

    Whitney Cole & Lucy Basta

    Work Well

    I had to shift the way I saw myself in the process and learn that I don’t need to hustle 24/7. That kind of work helped us launch, but it won’t help us sustain and uplevel. I’ve learned to invest in myself more. Brigette helped us raise our prices and create more products that people love. In just one month of working with Brigette, we quadrupled our revenue from $11K to $40K!

    Stephanie Wharton

    If it weren't for Brigette, I would still be undervaluing my work. I would still be coming up with excuses as to why "I can't ..." I would still be dreaming of getting paid for doing work that I once did for free. This woman is the real deal, and if you are ready to take it to the next level - you need to give her a call.